Ming’s Random Thought Of the Day- Of Paper and Innovation

This blog post is kind of a follow up to the one I wrote about double sided tape.

I was recently in Bangkok, and shopping for stationary again at an Office Depot. This time though we were looking for printing paper.

Once again, there are so many different types of paper to choose from, but generally they differ only at a superficial level. Packaging, for example.

So really, to me, if we’re making a decision, price would probably be the main differentiating factor.

The Siam Cement Group would disagree, and they innovated to give you and me …


If you’re slightly confused as to what green read actually is, let me explain.

5  guys in lab coats and safety goggles spent countless nights and days experimenting with the molecular structure of normal paper, and had a breakthrough one night!

Bleary eyed, they realised their paper helped them read better! All of a sudden, they had achieved clarity. Upon further tests, they discovered, the coating they had applied to normal paper reduced the light reflected off the surface ensuring they had tired eyes no more!

I know what you’re thinking. And I was thinking the same thing. All respect due to SCG paper for trying, but really, innovation is about a unique proposition that consumers can respond to, and maybe they do have customers that pick up the ream of paper based on their claims. But in this instance, I wasnt one of them!

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